Waving Pug

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The image is a pug waving their paw. I like the image because pugs are my favorite dogs. I find the movement of the pug really cute. The graphic format of the image is GIF.

Characteristics of GIF graphic format

  1. GIF stands for: Graphics Interchange Format
  2. Maximum amount of colors in 256
  3. It could be animated
  4. One color can be configured to be transparent

Beagle In Grass

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In this image, there's a beagle playing in the grass. I think the colors in the image are interesting. I also like how the dog is placed right in the center of the image and the rest of the picture is just grass. The graphic format is a JPG.

Characteristics of JPG graphic format

  1. JPG stands for: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  2. Best used for photographs
  3. There are up to 16.7 million colors
  4. Cannot be animated
  5. Cannot be made transparent

Puppies Playing

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There are four puppies with foulards playing together in this image. I like this picture because of the way the dogs are placed and dressed up. The graphic format is a PNG.

Characteristics of PNG graphic format

  1. PNG stands for: Portable Network Graphic
  2. Millions of colors
  3. Supports multiple levels of transparency
  4. Combines the best of GIF and JPG