The Travel Guide


Which vacation is perfect for you?

This very short and light-hearted quiz based on your personality will indicate the type of destination meant for you! All you need is a pen and paper and your truest self! Remember to keep track of your answers in order to get your results.

A. Tacos, duh!

B. Steaks

C. Pizza

D. Hamburger

A. The closest beach

B. Anywhere in nature

C. Night at the bar with friends

D. Newest restaurant in the area


If you picked mostly A's:

MEXICO! Your dream destination is a tropical one! Sunny days, warm weather, days relaxing by the beach; it all sounds so perfect, right? After a long year of hard work, this is exactly what your body needs. So book the next flight and jump on the airplane because vacation is calling you. Grab a drink and all you have to do is enjoy the sound of the waves crashing by the shore with a book in your hands and a smile on your face.

city mexico

If you picked mostly B's:

AFRICA! Adventure is calling and this is the destination meant for you due to your love for animals and being surrounded by nature. Africa is something different and usually not seen for all it's beauty. Open your mind to new culture, traditions and beautiful sights!

africa lions

If you picked mostly C's:

LAS VEGAS! You love the night life and the night life definitely loves you. Expensive food, bright lights, loud sounds, warm weather, long nights. Your outgoing personality is perfect for this atmosphere! A bunch of broadway shows to watch and places to go. If you're 21 years and older, you can profit from visiting the casinos and going out!

vegas casino

If you picked mostly D's:

TEXAS! A little country never hurt nobody and this destination was meant for you. Your down-to-earth personality is exactly what Texas is all about. Enjoying a relaxing vacation away from home surrounded by nature, animals and friends in a little town is exactly what you need after a stressful year.

texas horse